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Hi everyone and welcome to our very FIRST blog.

We are really excited about keeping you all up to-date with our ever changing, amazing and creative industry and how that translates to our great little salon.

In this blog we wanted to tell you about the products we use and the reason we choose to use use them.

So.... Bella & Sissi choose to use and sell Clairol Professional products. Clairol Professional was established in 1931 and is an Internationally renowned brand, owned & manufactured by WELLA.

Clairol's brand philosophy has always reminded the same... Wearable, value for money and providing nourishment for living hair.

The reason we chose Clairol Professional is because we LOVE the colours. They are always true to colour and long lasting, meaning what we show you before your colour is what your going to get.

There are 90 permanent colours & 41 semi permanent colours, giving us a huge range to select from for your PERFECT colour.

With an exclusive formula called Radialux Micro-ion-technology where positive radialux micro-ions are magnetically drawn to negatively charged (damaged hair) problem areas are located and this makes for superior colour & repair.

Now that makes sense to us but is probably "gobble-d-gook' to you but trust me this stuff is really important!!!

The permanent colours are extra rich and creamy making it easy to apply and gives you younger looking hair with vibrant colour and longer lasting results.

The semi Colours are light reflecting and give a multi-dimensional shine. Who doesn't want that???

The take home products are amazing. You will get the same feel at home as you do when you leave the salon. That is beacuse what we sell over the counter is what we use at the basin.

The great Clairol Professional products make your hair feel ALIVE and what's even better they retail for $13.95 RRP on average.

There is a 23 piece styling range, providing 5 levels of hold and flake free finishes. The focus is on moisture, volume, sculpting and finished results.

Over the next few weeks we are going to 'showcase' different product lines and the benefits of each one....

BUT dont worry this is not going to be a boring blog site! We are only just getting started!

Until next time Bea Beautiful :)

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