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What is customer service?

At Bella & Sissi you are made to feel welcome the moment you walk through the door. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, and believe that it helps to differentiate our salon.

Did you know that on average a HAPPY customer tells 3 people of their experience, whereas an UNHAPPY customer will tell 10? These figures demonstrate why customer service and satisfaction is so important to us. 70% of customer satisfaction is emotional, which stems from the rapport we build with our clients, and the remaining 30% is the technical aspect, for example the cut and colour equates to whether these clients will return to the salon.

What makes great service?

Well, at Bella & Sissi we believe that by greeting each client in a friendly, happy manner and using their name is a great start. If the salon is clean, relaxed and has a warm, friendly environment our clients will love it!

We strive to manage our time efficiently and always inform you in advance if we’re running late and approximately how long we will be.

Consultation with you is hugely important – we listen, and give our time and attention freely and generously. By helping to make you feel important and comfortable we’re able to show that we have a clear understanding of your desired outcome.

Our staff are continually updating our skills. We pride ourselves on our experience and being dedicated to our craft. We believe this is a big part of customer satisfaction.

When you walk into Bella & Sissi it is the attention to detail we pride ourselves on. We use your name, you’re offered tea, coffee, water, magazines and free wifi. You are free to move around the salon, and there is a great centre bench with stools where you can use your laptop whilst your colour is processing.

The friendly but professional atmosphere at Bella & Sissi is what we believe makes us different and helps to deliver superior customer service to you. We believe these efforts win our client’s hearts and can help build a long and lasting relationship.

Until next time Bea Beautiful :)


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